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You have become a slime monster trapped in a dream world. You must escape and find your way home. Use elements to your advantage to defeat the wandering enemies.

Default Controls

Movement : Arrow Keys

Action: Z or Enter

Cancel/Menu: X or Esc

Made for game jam  https://itch.io/jam/rpg-maker-jam-2020

If you use any songs from the soundtrack please credit me and let me know so I can check out your project.


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Last Night I Dreamt I Became a Slime Monster.zip 100 MB
Last Night I Dreamt I Became a Slime Monster MAC version.zip 236 MB
Last Night I Dreamt I Became a Slime Monster Soundtrack Wave Format.zip 22 MB


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Lin Ji.

Well, this is a simply captivating, charming romp through a labyrinthine hellscape reminiscent of the early Wario games for Gameboy. (Most probably my first video game, incidentally.) It may be needless to say that I am impressed. The glitchy music creates a mood of nostalgia while inspiring nightmarish associations, and the narrow corridors are extremely fun and rewarding to navigate; it’s like Undertale without all of the drama and conflict. If this were developed at some great length, it would become extremely successful, though perhaps more elements would need to be integrated aesthetically and narratively towards that end. Overall, it is a promising sophomore release from a budding developer. I enjoyed the rhyme scheme in the introduction as well.



Thanks for checking it out. I feel like I rushed the ending, also I would have liked to unlock different forms over time rather than having access to everything at the beginning and make the combat more visually interesting. Thank you for the feedback I'll consider updating it.

You seem to have a clear image of your road ahead; haha. Sometimes that is what separates the pros.